The Coronavirus is really hammering the stock markets again as more horror stories of the virus arise. This has caused a transfer of risk back on to currencies which played well for our Dom Long instruments, though individual currency balances were far from ideal. There were still some very good trades available, especially our early Jaths.
Of course, this caused casualties in the technically Dom Short EUR/AUD and Dom Long German Dax but there were a couple of trades before they turned.
Currency volumes were initially down until the risk started to move back from stocks and we saw a decent increase as the London session progressed.
We still had a decent day with a maximum potential of 530 points from specific Max Day Trading time/price level entries from the London morning session alone, with a target of just 30.
A 10% target of this figure would have yielded a minimum of 53 net points from specific Max Day Trading time/price level entries, with many additional opportunities in the US morning (UK afternoon) and US afternoon (UK evening) sessions.

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