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From the creators of Max Day Trading, here’s a little thank you for showing an interest and taking time to view our website.  As well as the fantastic ‘Introduction To The Financial Markets And Potential Earnings’ book available below you will also have free access to the first of ‘The 3 Elements’ of the Max Day Trading Strategy.  These essential manuals were written by Ian McArthur, the founder of Max Day Trading.

In these very uncertain times there has never been a better time to secure your future and take charge.

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An Introduction To The Financial Markets And Potential Earnings

‘An Introduction To The Financial Markets And Potential Earnings’ is an absolute MUST READ.  It has been well written and as a newbie to trading it has helped me immensely.

After reading it the first time I was slightly confused but stuck with it.  It took me 2/3 reads through before I was able to understand how the markets work and I realized early on that this could be a new career opportunity for me.

Having joined the free Telegram Group Forex Trading Results I was astounded at the amount of content.  Over 5,000 chart diagrams and daily explanations which they update every day.  I recently joined  the VIP Telegram Group MaxDayTrading VIP.   The amazing support, live Q&A and watching members trade live 5 days a week should  fast-track my knowledge.  It’s not easy but if I can do it, anyone can.  Thank you Ian for your help so far answering my many questions.  I look forward to the VIP Channel.


Northumberland, UK

What Are The 3 Elements of Max Day Trading?

The three elements are specific rules used by us in conjunction with each other that allows us to consistently seek out profitable trades.  First and foremost is Element #1: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE MAX DAY TRADING ‘DOMINO EFFECT’.

The other two elements are:

  • Element #2: ICS BALANCES

We are giving you Element #2 ICS BALANCES free of charge.  Element #3 for Silver and VIP Members and Element #1 is only given to our VIP Members.


Our Independent Currency Strength Balances consist of 6 individual currency indexes that are unique and exclusive only to Max Day Trading. We use these in conjunction with the Domino Effect technical analysis to calculate trend momentum strength and these are uploaded Monday to Friday before UK 07:00 in our Silver and VIP Telegram channels. These are an essential part of the trading strategy that we use day in and day out to help maximise trading points.


Under certain circumstances, an apparent strong trend duration can suddenly ‘flip’ and counter-trend against our Dom conclusions. This is usually only temporary until the circumstances that caused them correct themselves.

Therefore being able to identify these scenarios before we trade gives us warning flags which act as additional filters. Some flags can indicate either caution within an apparent strong long or short trend, while other flags will indicate additional strength.

To get Element #3 ‘Trend State & Warning Flags’ you must be either a Silver or VIP Member.


This is the final and most essential piece of the jigsaw that fully completes the Max Day Trading Domino Effect trading system. This totally unique strategy is the foremost and fundamental structure that is based purely on the king of all movement – price action.

Using multiple timeframe analysis, the process involves quickly matching instruments with a unique sequence of criteria to identify which ones offer the maximum flow within an up or down trend at specific trading times and levels.

No matter whether the trend is long (up) or down (short), there is always a stronger and safer direction to trade in. This makes for reliable, predictable and profitable trading as we NEVER trade against the established intraday/session trend.

The Max Day Trading Domino Effect approach tells you precisely the strongest and safest direction to trade in for each currency pair or stock index it’s applied to, as there is nothing more accurate in predicting intraday and intra-session trends and reversals.

This important element is exclusively available upon subscription to our VIP Telegram channel.

As an additional bonus for joining our VIP Channel, you will also receive our software indicators and domino channel directly from the VIP Trading Room pinned message ‘PDF’s & SOFTWARE’ along with full installation instructions. These will exactly replicate our Max Day Trading charts on your trading platform.

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