Forex & Markets Update 25.03.20

Posted by Ian McArthur on  25th March 2020

Category: Daily Results
Just when we thought that Brexit fundamentals were finally receding to make our technical analysis easier, Coronavirus comes along and makes things twice as bad (at least!). Unfortunately these fundamentals are going to last for
The UK is now literally on full lock-down and our liberties have been drastically reduced, mainly due to the morons who ignored government advice and congragated in their thousands in parks and beaches last weekend.
There’s definitely something not right with what’s going on today. There’s now unprecedented measures being implemented that are more severe than that of the last world war. This is a ‘life changing event’ that has
The big surprise today was yet another unexpected UK Interest Rate cut by the BOE from 0.25% to 0.1%. With the pound being so oversold, this actually had little effect where normally the GBP would
The madness continues. The Dow shed another 2,490 points since yesterdays high, the Dax 850 and the FTSE 390. The GBP has plummeted to levels lower than after the Brexit vote. This following post from


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